Martin Stepek Reading from his book

Here is an extract of a video that we made for Scottish Poet Martin Stepek.
In it he is reading from his latest book called ‘For There is Hope.

We acquired a room at Summerhall in Sciennes and  filmed all of the readings in stark black and white with a very shallow depth of field, giving the readings an intimate and haunting feel.
Here is what Martin had to say about our work:
My publisher hired Transmission for an exhibition on deportations of Poles to the Soviet Union. The film alternated interview clips and readings of my book about my father’s odyssey. The team were very professional, made the task of filming a pleasure. The video is superb, combining black & white and colour, dramatic close ups, distant shots. Very cleanly edited with clear introduction and ending. I am delighted with the work and recommend Transmission to anyone.

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