Indika- The Show

In October 2014 we were commissioned by SIRI Productions to film and produce a professional full length film of the live spectacular show called ‘Indkia.’ The show is a musical and dance bonanza featuring different costumes and dances from different regions of India over its long history with an incredible original soundtrack. The show is excellent and is currently being shown to theatres and producers around the UK and will hopefully be touring soon.

We filmed the show three different times with multiple cameras and gadgets, such as steadicam and dollies etc. We edited a full length version of the show which, unfortunately  we are unable to show anybody, which is a shame as we feel it looks amazing!

The people involved with the production were a really friendly gang of people and were very helpful in giving us everything we needed to film the production with the quality that it deserves. The show as filmed at Cast Theatre in Doncaster which is a brand new state-of-the-art theatre and it was a pleasure to work there.

Here is a trailer of the show, which was cut using our footage to promote the show. Unfortunately, we feel that the promo could have been edited in a smoother way and in places it doesn’t really do our work justice, however it is still very strong in the quality of the shots we filmed.


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