Filming of ‘Chance’ for Creative England

DSC01513 DSC01535 DSC01851 DSC01841 DSC01826 DSC01202 DSC01097 DSC01692 DSC01747Untitled_1.1.29DSC01647In 2014 Transmission Productions, Joe Carter from Transmission Productions was awarded money form Creative England to produce a short fiction film based on a script that he had written. Transmission Productions co-produced this with Georgia Ball at On the Ball Films . The film was shot over 4 days in and around Sheffield and York.

We had a crew of about 12 working for us, all of who were amazing! Sean Greer, partner at Transmission Productions was the DoP for the film and he brought is great eye and flare to the team. We also worked with the wonderful and very knowledgable Robert Beck who we called ‘The Oracle’ because of his knowledge on all things film.

The film is about 2 young men who try to escape the mundanity of their working class town by going on a road trip.

It was great fun and the film is currently being submitted to film festivals around the world.

A listing for the film can be seen here

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