Abandoman ‘Hot Desk’ Sampler: Edinburgh Fringe 2014

In August 2014 we were contacted by the über-talented Robert Broderick from the improv-Hip-Hop band Abandoman.

They were performing every night at the infamous Udderbelly (affectionately known as the Purple Cow) in Bristo Square as part of the Underbelly and their show was going down a storm.

As the show relied on audience participation to come up with subject matter to create the songs  we were asked to film the show 3 times during the run. We filmed each show with 3 manned-cameras as well as 2 GoPro’s that we set up on stage.

The shows were all amazing and the audience responded really well every time we were there.

Abandoman kindly allowed us to use a snippet of the show on our website and blog to give you an idea of what can be achieved with 5 cameras despite only have 10 minutes et up time!

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