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Brand New Animation

Here is an animation that we created at the end of 2015 for our friends at Navigator Dealer Management Services

We were asked to create a simple, easy to understand animation which highlighted the benefits of choosing the Navigator DMS over it’s competitors.

In our concept development stages we decided that we could visually show the advantages by using an animated car to represent the product. Once we had this idea, the rest of the animation fell into place!

Hope you like it!

Frisky & Mannish #Justtoomuch

At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 we were approached by Baz Hilton, the producer of the über- amazing Frisky and Mannish. They were performing ‘Just Too Much’ every night at the Purple Cow (Udderbelly) and the show was getting great reviews for it’s unique take on popular take on songs and artists.

We filmed the show on it’s last night where Frisky and mannish gave it their all, impressive considering they had been performing every night for a month!

We filmed the show with 5 cameras, 2 of which were GoPros on  stage. THe management behind the duo kindly agreed to let us put a wee snippet of the performance on our blog.

Hope you like it!

Abandoman ‘Hot Desk’ Sampler: Edinburgh Fringe 2014

In August 2014 we were contacted by the über-talented Robert Broderick from the improv-Hip-Hop band Abandoman.

They were performing every night at the infamous Udderbelly (affectionately known as the Purple Cow) in Bristo Square as part of the Underbelly and their show was going down a storm.

As the show relied on audience participation to come up with subject matter to create the songs  we were asked to film the show 3 times during the run. We filmed each show with 3 manned-cameras as well as 2 GoPro’s that we set up on stage.

The shows were all amazing and the audience responded really well every time we were there.

Abandoman kindly allowed us to use a snippet of the show on our website and blog to give you an idea of what can be achieved with 5 cameras despite only have 10 minutes et up time!

Ken Hom Cookery Demonstration

At the end of April we were asked to send one camera operator to the flagship Martin & Frost store  in Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh to film the celebrity chef Ken Hom cooking up a storm at a cookery demonstration to celebrate the revamping of the store.

We set up two cameras, one which was manned by the camera operator and the second which was a static camera and was recording all the action that was happening in the famous Ken Hom wok!

Both cameras were beamed live onto two big TV’s which allowed the audience to see exactly what was happening has the chef created his masterpieces.

It was great fun and inspired Transmission to make stir-fries for the rest of the week!

Animation Sample Video

We recently produced this short film as a way to promote our animation side of Transmission Productions as well as to show our customers and clients a simple and effective way in which to get their message across.

Simple and quirky animations are being used more and more by businesses, governments and charities as it is an effective and fun way to get ( sometimes boring!) information across to the viewer.

Traditional film will always have it’s place in advertising products and brands, however animations have a longer shelf life as they tend to date less rapidly, as well as being cheaper to produce and effective in getting the message across in a simpler way than traditional video.

We have made animations and composite videos (that utilisies real film and animation) over the years and feel that we have an in depth understanding of both film and animation to be able to advise clients on the best approach to their projects.

We’d love to know what you think.


Green Screen Filming

In 2014 we were asked to produce a ‘whiteboard effect’ promotional video for Edinburgh-based accountants ‘TaxPlanUK’

For this film we needed to film an actress in front of a green screen to achieve the effect hat we were looking for. As you may or may not know, Green screen is an production technique hat has really taken off over the last 10 years or so as it is being used more and more for all different projects with varying budgets and goals.

In the past big budget films such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings relied heavily on Green Screen but nowadays everyone uses it ….including us!

At Transmission Productions we offer a very affordable green screen service that can fit any type of project, allowing us to seamlessly mix animation with real film.

Have a look at our TaxPlan UK video and see what you think!

Indika- The Show

In October 2014 we were commissioned by SIRI Productions to film and produce a professional full length film of the live spectacular show called ‘Indkia.’ The show is a musical and dance bonanza featuring different costumes and dances from different regions of India over its long history with an incredible original soundtrack. The show is excellent and is currently being shown to theatres and producers around the UK and will hopefully be touring soon.

We filmed the show three different times with multiple cameras and gadgets, such as steadicam and dollies etc. We edited a full length version of the show which, unfortunately  we are unable to show anybody, which is a shame as we feel it looks amazing!

The people involved with the production were a really friendly gang of people and were very helpful in giving us everything we needed to film the production with the quality that it deserves. The show as filmed at Cast Theatre in Doncaster which is a brand new state-of-the-art theatre and it was a pleasure to work there.

Here is a trailer of the show, which was cut using our footage to promote the show. Unfortunately, we feel that the promo could have been edited in a smoother way and in places it doesn’t really do our work justice, however it is still very strong in the quality of the shots we filmed.


Filming of ‘Chance’ for Creative England

DSC01513 DSC01535 DSC01851 DSC01841 DSC01826 DSC01202 DSC01097 DSC01692 DSC01747Untitled_1.1.29DSC01647In 2014 Transmission Productions, Joe Carter from Transmission Productions was awarded money form Creative England to produce a short fiction film based on a script that he had written. Transmission Productions co-produced this with Georgia Ball at On the Ball Films . The film was shot over 4 days in and around Sheffield and York.

We had a crew of about 12 working for us, all of who were amazing! Sean Greer, partner at Transmission Productions was the DoP for the film and he brought is great eye and flare to the team. We also worked with the wonderful and very knowledgable Robert Beck who we called ‘The Oracle’ because of his knowledge on all things film.

The film is about 2 young men who try to escape the mundanity of their working class town by going on a road trip.

It was great fun and the film is currently being submitted to film festivals around the world.

A listing for the film can be seen here

Oi Polloi Music Video

Here is a video that we were asked to make by legendary Edinburgh punk rock band Oi Polloi.

We decided that it would be cool to keep the video suitably claustrophobic and underground as a stylish ‘R & B’ style would not go with the music!

We filmed the guys in the Rec Room rehearsal studio in Leith and decided last minute to put this strange almost comic-book effect on the video.

We hope you like it!